Sunday, December 25, 2011

Even though it may seem like marriage is the answer, I don't think it always is.
I am head over heals in love with my boyfriend, but marriage doesn't seem like the next step, and why does it have to be?
Why do people think I'm miserable and lonely when I'm only 24? I'm not. I am happy, I'm just not happy with the town that I live in. It is uninspiring and depressing. It's cold, it's bleak, it's ugly and dark. Our temperatures are worse than Alaska, and sometimes worse than Siberia. How can I find myself excited there? 
But with what I do have, I am happy. My friends are fantastic and are full of laughter. My family is encouraging and bring tears to my eyes when I see my brother hug his kids. My boyfriend kisses me, hugs me and listens to me. He pushes me to make art when I have no desire to. He is fantastic and I adore him.
Just some thoughts that keep coming to my mind.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

for carli

For the girl who goes through more than one can imagine and still has a positive outlook on life.
Your heart is always forgiving and is always giving. 
You deserve the world, but you settle for a fly fishing rod and random necklaces.
You keep getting stronger and stronger for with everything you put up with.
You are a wonderful human being. Strong. Independent. Loving. Patient. Bubbly. Intelligent.
I hope that one day, all this that you've been through, will finally pay off with something amazing.
I love you dearly.