Tuesday, January 3, 2012

singing this... loud... all day. nonstop.

i am going to wear the outfit the blonde is in for halloween, and i officially cannot wait!!!


Monday, January 2, 2012

this year.

as all of you probably know this december my dad suffered a stroke. he wasn't at risk for a stroke. he is only 54 and last summer he hiked 100 miles completing the Highline Trail in just 8 days. it was a mystery that eventually led the doctors to suspect a hole in his heart. they were right. it is hard to imagine, my dad, who has always been this pillar of strength, sort of the glue that holds my family together having something like this, but it doesn't change who he is. if anything he is stronger than ever and more determined to live the life he wants.

so here i am almost a month later looking back on the year and this is without a doubt the most important lesson i have learned. it is really easy to get caught up in the schism of people, school, responsibility, and day to day life that holds people back. this year i am going to resist that. i am going to spend more time cultivating the relationships that matter, spending equal time with those that i love, i want to stop caring about those who seek only to hurt me, and i am going to spend some time outside taking pictures, hiking, and trying to find my place in the world.

life is too short, and really it doesn't need to be taken that seriously.