Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Is it about blood, or about those whom you surround yourself with?
More and more lately, I believe it's those your surround yourself with, those who are constantly by your side and understanding you. You go through thick and thin together, but they are always with you.
My friends are my family. They understand my hardships and my joys. And I share these trials and tribulations with them as well. We celebrate together, we cry together. We do not judge and we do not punish the others for their mistakes. Those who are in my constant daily life via phone or person, they are my family. 
I'm losing faith in my blood these days. They judge and do not trust me for making my own decisions and living my own life. I try to please and try to do as much for them as possible, but I feel I keep getting parented at the age 24. I'm sorry I'm not enough for you. I'm sorry I'm not perfect and make the "wrong" decisions. But I'm learning and trying new things. I'm loving and living. Let me do this...please.

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