Friday, July 8, 2011


It's a lonely road out there and figuring out how to overcome such things by the simplest things:
riding your bike,
laying in a plush, white fluffy bed,
painting a picture that you never dreamed of,
having a shower beer,
dressing up for no reason.
But when you do have someone, they really do know what to say.
They want to join you in your bike ride,
lay in bed and watch Harry Potter movie after Harry Potter movie with you,
draw while you paint that picture,
and draw on a tie on their chest because that's the best they can do to be fancy/clever.
It's nice having that person, especially when they know you've been feeling terrible. He brings you a long cane of ginger with the most beautiful flower, or bringing coconut water when they know you'll be feeling worse the next morning, or bringing a jacket because it's raining and you forgot your jacket and they just knew. That's love I'd say.
Having them is wonderful.

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