Sunday, March 4, 2012

We are all earth-shakers you just have to believe it.

this may sound strange, but it feels as if every once in awhile we are given a chance to try again. i am not truly sure that you can completely mask heartbreak with opportunity. the pain exists simultaneously with the potential a strange alchemy of dreams waking up, but i truly believe in embracing everything including the hurt as a way to learn, change, and grow.

i know that together is the way people are supposed to be, but it is no mistake that alone is the way we are meant to start out. it is time for me to be alone. i have made a list of all my expectations out of life. not a bucket list, more of a guideline. on the top of the list is to stop searching. i have everything i need in the person i am. i am starting to think maybe even believe that your one great love needs to be yourself. i need to love myself as i have loved others "without adjustment" as i seem to recall.

it is the year of the tiger, and i am finally ready to  be a tiger.

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